Friday, September 7, 2012

Jackson's 45 Week Pictures!

Jackson actually turned 45 weeks old last Thursday, I'm a little late getting this post out. :-(

He was not very cooperative when it came time to take his picture this week. So I only got this one picture. LOL.

Jackson is doing great. He still has 7 teeth. Still eating 6 ounce bottles, baby food and some table food. He had some noodles out of my chicken noodle soup last night. :-) He's clapping his hands and saying yay when he claps. If we clap and say yay Jackson, he will clap too. :-) He also waves bye bye now. :-) 

He's had a real runny nose this week and a little bit of a cough. He doesn't seem like he's not feeling well, so I wonder if maybe he might be getting ready to cut another tooth. :-(

As I say every week lately, he's running around like crazy and getting into everything he can. He's constantly on the go, but we're having so much fun with him. He's so sweet. When we're lucky he will give us hugs and lay his head on our shoulder and say awww! Its so sweet. He will give kisses too when he's in the mood. We have to get them while we can cause they're few and far between. 

We love you Jackson!!