Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Our Weekend: Soccer, Playdate, The Ballet and A Suprise Party!!

We had such a great weekend!

It started off with Jackson having a soccer game on Friday evening. It was his second game of the season and he just so happened to get his first ever soccer goal during a game!! Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures or videos of it, but needless to say he was SO excited!! All the boys were high-fiving him and he had the biggest smile on his face. He ran right over to his dad on the side-lines! We were all SO excited!! Afterwards, we went and got pizza at MOD.

After dinner, we went by Target to pick up the movie, "The Greatest Showman" and we also let the kids each pick out a small toy. Jake and I had seen the Greatest Showman in the theaters but the kids hadn't seen it. Jackson absolutely loved it and has since watched it multiple times!

Saturday, we had a playdate at Chick-Fil-A for lunch with some friends from school and then Avery and I went to see a ballet that some of our friends were in. It was "The Snow Queen" and it was really good. Avery did great the first half but got a little restless during the second half. She did enjoy it though and did some dancing of her own by her seat. I wanted to take Avery to see it, so she could get a little taste of what she'll be doing in June. Though hers is a recital and not an actual ballet, I still wanted her to see how they got up on stage and danced in front of everyone so she would kind of know what to expect.

Later that night some of our neighbors came over for a little bonfire in our backyard, which is always fun.

Sunday we got up and went to church. Then that evening we had a surprise 60th birthday party planned for my Dad at his favorite place for pizza. I will do a more detailed post later this week, (I forgot my memory stick at home) but it was a GREAT party and he was completely surprised!

It was a great ending to a great weekend!!