Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Five

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!

I am so excited that in 56 days we'll be heading to Disney World!!!! This will be a first for both of the kids (we took Jackson to Disneyland last year but he's never been to Disney World) and we are taking my parents along for the ride and they've never been either!!!

Printable Courtesy

My mom made this super cute wreath for our front door(s). I just love it!!

Wednesday night, I took the kids to their new school for a Parents as Teachers event. They were able to play on the playground and they had a bubble bus there. They had so much fun!!

A couple Saturdays ago, I took the kids for a long walk around the neighborhood and through the park. Jackson drove Avery around in his car and we all really enjoyed it. I love that we have a park with walking trails so close to our house.

I recently had a photo book made from I had seen an advertisement for them somewhere where they had layflat books for $5 if you were a first time customer. I was skeptical, but willing to try it for only $5. I ordered it on a Tuesday or Wednesday and by Friday it was delivered. So they already had me hooked with their fast turn around time. The book is really nice and I'm very pleased with it. It's very nice quality and it's something I can set out on our new built-ins downstairs. The pages are very thick (like cardboard) so I don't have to worry so much about the kids tearing it up too, which is a bonus. I just made it using the recent pictures we had taken of me and the kids. I'd highly recommend them, especially for the first time customer discount.

Here are a few pictures of it.

Have a great weekend.