Monday, September 19, 2011

Our Weekend

We had a great weekend and I hope you did too!

Friday night, we didn't do a whole lot. I fixed dinner when I got home from work, then made a quick trip to the mall to try and find some black pants to wear to a wedding we were going to the next day. I ran into Old Navy to see what they might have, but didn't find any black pants in their maternity section. However I did find this cute little onesie that was on sale for only $7. Of course I had to get it. :-)

Then Saturday, some good friends of ours got married, so a majority of the day we spent at the wedding and reception. It was a beautiful wedding. I took several pictures, but forgot my memory card in my camera this morning, so I'll just post a couple pictures from Facebook.

Then yesterday, we went to church in the morning. Then my BIL and husband went back to our house to watch football, while my mom, sister and Landon went to Target and Babies R Us to help me spend some gift cards I got from my shower. I ended up getting these...

 Bundle Me for the pumpkin seat.

This Bouncer

 Closet Organizer