Friday, January 1, 2010

"Twilight" themed table for New Years Eve dinner.

Every year at my church, we have a New Years eve dinner. We have a tradition that anyone who would like to decorate a table can do so and my Pastor's wife rents the table cloth for you and you bring all your dishes and decorations. Its always a lot of fun decorating your table and seeing what everyone else does with their table. Here are some pictures of our tables from last night. They were all beautiful.

My sister and I decorate a table together every year. This year we decided to do a Twilight Themed table (minus the vampires since it was at church). We basically went off the book covers for our centerpiece and used the apple from Twilight, flower from New Moon, ribbon from Eclipse and chess board and pieces from Breaking Dawn. We also used the Red and Black from the covers of the books.

My mom decorates a table every year and this is a picture of her table.
This was the table my Mother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law did. They also decorate a table together every year.
Here are some other ladies' tables.
Then last but not least, my Pastor decorated a table. He loves Jaguars so he did his table in a Jaguar theme. He also is very handy and hooked up a chandelier to go over his table. It was really cool.