Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Few of Our Favorite Books

Avery is really into books right now. Every night before bed I read several short books to her, we say our bed-time prayer and I put her in her crib. She loves to read books and I'm loving this little night-time routine with her. It's really sweet.

 The list above are some of her favorites, and I've thrown in a couple of Jackson's favorites too (Little Blue Truck and his current favorite: We're Going on a Bear Hunt). I'd say right now, Avery's favorite book is Dear Zoo. She loves opening the flaps on each page to find the animal underneath. She loves interactive books with flaps or touch and feel books. There are so many more books I'd like to introduce, so I'm hoping to add to our book collection soon. She's getting her first book of bible stories and Guess How Much I Love You for Easter, so I'm excited to be adding those.

Reading is so much fun for both the kids and I. It's fun to read them some of the books that I can remember reading when I was their age and it's fun to read some new books too. Are there any books that you love reading to your kids or books that your kids just love? I'd love any suggestions you have!