Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Jackson's Pre-K Graduation

Jackson had his Pre-K Graduation yesterday and it was so cute!! The kids put on a little play for us and the teacher had put together the cutest slideshow of pictures and videos from the whole school year. It definitely had me in tears a few times (which they knew and is why they handed us each a tissue as we came into the classroom, ha!). Then the teacher read a beautiful poem about our kids growing up that had us all in tears again, even the teacher herself. They ended with a cute little ceremony. I can't believe Jackson will be going to Kindergarten next year!! Crazy!

Here are a few pictures from the graduation!

Jackson played a goat in the play, it was really cute.

When they handed out diplomas, the teacher read for each student how much they had grown during the school year and what they wanted to be when they grew up. Jackson had grown 1 inch and said that in the future he wanted to take care of animals. ♥

We are so proud of Jackson and all of his accomplishments this school year and we look forward to Kindergarten in the Fall!