Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday Loves and Pins

♥ I'm loving that we're half way through the week already! 

♥ I'm loving that we'll be celebrating mine and my dad's birthdays tomorrow evening at my parents' house. My dad's birthday is today and mine is tomorrow. Our family gets together every Thursday evening at my parents' house, but it will be extra special because of our birthdays. :-)

♥ I'm loving that the Enfamil AR formula I switched Jackson too last Friday is helping SO much with his spit up. He isn't spitting up near as much now, only every great once in a while and even when he does, it seems to be a lot less than what it used to be. I am so happy!!

♥ I'm loving this sweet boy and the cute onesie he's wearing. It was a gift and I love it. It says, "Son of a Scrapbooker." Though its been forever since I scrapbooked, I do love it and really need to get started on Jackson's scrapbook.

♥ I'm also loving that when I got home from work yesterday, Jackson gave me lots of sweet baby kisses. He kept pulling my face close to his and opening his mouth to kiss me. It was about the sweetest thing EVER!!

♥ I'm loving this song. I know its kinda weird and the video is way weird, but I really like the song for some strange reason. :-)

♥ And as always, I'm loving my super awesome family. ☺


Here are some of my favorite pins recently.

S'mores Bites

Bobby pins in a tic tac box. Great idea!!

Planter Umbrella Stand

Tin Can Hanging Planters

I love Jennifer Aniston's hair cut and color in this picture.

Love this summer look.
This playroom is so cute. I'd love to have a playroom for Jackson (and siblings) someday.