Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Storybook Photography Photo Session - The Jacobs Kiddos

A few weeks before Christmas, I took some photos for a friend of ours. She was wanting some pictures of her kids to give as a gift to her husband for Christmas. It was freezing cold that day and there was snow on the ground, so doing an outside shoot with small children, just wasn't an option. So we decided to meet up at a local Mall that is rarely very busy, and try and find some great light. 

Thankfully we were successful in finding great light and we got some very cute shots of the kiddos. 

Annie, their oldest.

Noah, their only boy.

Clair, their spunky middle child. 

Violet, the oldest of their twin girls.

Caroline, the youngest  of their twin girls.

We tried hard to get a couple good group shots too.

On the Mall Carousel.

It turned out to be a great natural light alternative to an outdoor session!