Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Carnival Cruise/New Orleans 2019: Day 3

Sunday was our first full day at sea. We got up and had brunch that morning and then I took Avery to Camp Ocean for a little while to try it out. She was happy to go check it out for a little while and stayed for a little over an hour before I went to check on her. While she was at camp, Jackson, Bella and Ethan all decided since it had warmed up some, they'd go swimming. It was still pretty chilly though, so they didn't last long.

A little while later, I went to check on Avery and she said she was ready to go with me, so I picked her up from camp and on our way out we saw Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head!!

Avery decided she wanted to swim as well, so we went and got her suit on, but once she felt the water, she decided against it. Ha. So instead they ate ice-cream by the pool.

After eating their ice-cream, we decided to go back to our cabin and get changed so we could go play miniature golf. Jake and a few others stayed by the pool to watch the Saints vs. Rams game on the big screen.

When we got back to our cabin, they had cleaned it and left this cute little towel animal for us. :-) I had forgotten they did that on Carnival cruises and the kids thought it was super cool.

After getting changed, the kids played in the cabin for a little while and then we went up and played some miniature golf.

That afternoon there was a "Friends" Trivia game in the main lobby area, so several of us went to that while Jake and our friend Jim stayed back to continue watching the football game. Jackson decided to stay with Jake as well. My niece Alexis is a die-hard Friends fan and we ended up winning the Trivia game, with no help from me, Ha!!

Avery and I ended up leaving the trivia as soon as all the questions were asked and headed to the Build-A-Bear workshop camp. We had gotten an invitation under our door the night before so she was super excited to go. Jackson didn't want to make a bear so just Avery and I went. We had to get a number and then wait until our number was called. We got there a little late because we were coming from the trivia game, but they had music and snacks while we waited so Avery and I had a good time waiting. This was Avery's first time making a Build-A-Bear and she loved it. She picked an adorable pink bear with a heart-shaped nose and the cutest little outfit and then topped it all off with pink ballet slippers. She still talks about putting the heart in the bear. So sweet!

After the Build-A-Bear workshop, Avery and I went back to our cabin to wait for my Mother-In-Law to bring Jackson down so we could all get ready for dinner. She wanted me to take a few pictures of her with her bear. ♥

By this time, the Chiefs vs. Patriots game was on and Jake and Jim watched that and skipped out on us for dinner, which I knew they would. Ha! There was no way Jake was going to miss the Chiefs playing in the AFC Championship game and it was pretty cool to be able to watch if from the cruise ship!

After dinner, Jackson wanted to go swim so I took him up to the back pool to swim for a little while and got Avery some more ice-cream... of course.

After swimming and hanging by the pool for a while, I decided to check the score of the game and it was tied 31 to 31 and about to go into overtime. So I told Jackson and we decided to go out by the main pool and watch it out there. Jackson got in the hot tub and Avery and I watched from a lounge chair. We were all so disappointed in the final score. Such a bummer that the Chiefs lost.

After that we had a drink by the back pool and then headed to bed so we could rest up for our first port of call the next morning... Cozumel, Mexico!