Monday, February 11, 2019

Carnival Cruise/New Orleans 2019: Day 6

Wednesday was our last full day on the cruise. We were headed back to New Orleans and spent the whole day at sea. We had brunch in the dining room that morning, which was always really good.

They were having a towel animal puppet show that morning as well, so as soon as Avery and Bella were done eating, I walked them down to the theater so they could watch it. It was cute and they were able to sit right on stage to watch! I went back to our table for brunch and we finished up just as the puppet show was over.

After brunch we went and put our swimsuits on and then went out to the pool deck to relax for a little while.

I took Avery to get some ice-cream (imagine that, ha) and we ran into this cute towel animal. :-)

At 2:00 that afternoon they were having a Bingo game in the theater and a few of us had bought Bingo cards earlier that morning to play. Avery decided she'd like to go to camp while we played Bingo, so we got dressed and then dropped her off at camp before heading to the theater to play Bingo.

After Bingo, we went and picked up Avery from camp and wanted to take the kids up to the front of the ship on a deck we had found the night before. Unfortunately, by this time it was cloudy and windy because a storm was starting to blow in. We went out there anyways and it was cool to see the storm blow in, though Avery was a little scared of the thunder. :-(

I dressed the kids in their "anchor" outfits that I had brought along for that day and had hoped to get a better picture than this, but the weather conditions were not great and they were not enthusiast to take a picture so this was the best I could get. Ha!

That night we had dinner in the dining room and we all dressed up for a family picture. None of the pictures turned out very good so we didn't buy them. I wish we would have just taken a picture ourselves with my camera, but we didn't think to do that. Oh well. We still had a nice last dinner on the Carnival Triumph.

After dinner, Jackson and Ethan went to watch a movie out by the pool and the rest of us went to see a show in the theater. It was music and dancing with a New Orleans theme, and since we were going to be spending the next two days in New Orleans, it was fun to see the show.

We called it a night soon after the show. We had packing to do and had to be up early the next morning. We had such a great last day on the cruise!