Monday, January 7, 2013

Its Monday Again and a Fun Upcoming Link-Up!

Well, its Monday again. The upside of it is, I'm off work today and will be spending the whole day at home with Jackson! ☺ I plan on taking the last of our Christmas decorations down and doing some cleaning around the house.

We had a great weekend, I hope you did as well!

Friday night, after I got off work, we got ready and met some of Jake's family and our friends' Chris and Holly at Max and Erma's. We were getting together for my nephew Jack, who is having surgery next week. You can read about his surgery here, on my Sister in Law's new blog. His parent's planned a little dinner for him, his choice of restaurant. We had a fun evening, but please say a little prayer for him next Wed. when he goes to have his surgery.
 (Jackson and I, before going to dinner Friday night.)
Then Sat. we went to my niece Sophia's 7th birthday party at a local bowling alley. It was Jackson's first time bowling and we all had a really fun time. ☺

The birthday girl!

Then Sunday, we went to church, then Jake and I went and saw, "This is 40", while my parent's kept Jackson for us.

Sunday night was spent at home, just hanging out. ☺

So that was our weekend! I hope yours was great as well.

Now onto an upcoming Link-Up of mine... After Christmas and New Years are over, I start thinking about preparing for our Annual Super Bowl Party. We've had a Super Bowl Party at our house every year since we've been married. They are always a lot of fun, though I often don't really care or pay attention to the game. Ha!

So to get us all prepared for Super Bowl, I thought it would be fun to do a link-up of our favorite Super Bowl recipes, so that we can get ideas for a new dish to take to the Super Bowl parties we all go to. The Link-up will be this Thursday, so start thinking about a yummy recipe that you've taken or plan to take to a Super Bowl party and link back up here with me so that we can all get some yummy ideas. :-)

Here's the button for the link up. I can't wait to see all your recipes. :-)
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