Friday, June 22, 2012

Our Weekend Plans

We are on our way to Kansas City this morning. We are going there for a wedding. Jake's cousin Jason is getting married and we are excited to help celebrate with him and his fiance Brittany.
The soon-to-be Bride and Groom

We will be coming back home on Sunday. It should be a fun little trip. We are taking Jackson along. This will be his first stay in a hotel and his first overnight trip. We've driven to Kansas City one other time with him, when he was a month old, but it was just for a short, day visit, with family. I'm hoping he does well. There will be plenty of family and activities to keep us busy and I'm sure he'll get lots and lots of love from everyone! This will be the first time some of Jake's family will ever meet Jackson! Thankfully he is good about letting anyone hold him. He doesn't know a stranger and I love that about him. 

So I'll be back Monday, to blog about the weekend and will probably have lots of pictures for you! I hope you all have a great weekend!