Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nothing New

No new news on the baby front. I had my 37 week Dr. appointment yesterday and she said he still hasn't dropped and I'm still at 1 c.m. So he still has some baking to do apparently. She said he could still come at any time, so now I guess we just wait.

In the mean time, I had a pretty productive weekend. I got the house all clean and I did some more shopping for little J.T. As I said last Friday, I had a gift card to use at Target from my baby shower here at work. So I bought him this pack n play.

I plan to keep it downstairs in our family room for when we're down there watching t.v. I also thought it would be handy to have in case we would go out of town while he's young.

I also bought a lamp for the nursery, a bathroom caddy to keep all his baby wash, lotion, powder and bathtime stuff in and I bought a glass jar to keep his binkies in. I plan on using my cricut and some black vinyl to write "binkies" on the glass jar. I got the idea from a picture I saw online. Here's where I got the idea...

Once I have that project done, his nursery will officially be done!! I will take a few more pictures then, and post them here so you can see the finished product! I'm so happy with his nursery. I just love to sit in there and dream about holding him, feeding him and changing him in there. I also ordered a baby gate for the nursery which should arrive today, according to fed ex.

I've packed some of our bag for the hospital, but still have a few more things to pack. I also still need to clean my car up and get the car seat bases installed in both my car and my husband's truck. Hopefully we can get that done in the next couple days.

Once thats all done, it really will just be a waiting game. My sister, who is pregnant with her second son, is due Oct. 16th (4 days before me) and is dilated to 4 c.m. already and is scheduled to be induced this coming Saturday 10/8. So I'm really excited about that. I can't wait to be an aunt again!!  

I will be 38 weeks tomorrow, so really only 2 more weeks til my due date!! I can't believe its only 2 weeks away. I will keep you all posted on mine and my sister's progress and hope to have pictures of baby Mason and baby Jackson very soon!!