Friday, October 27, 2017

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!
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Avery had her last soccer game of the season last week! It was such a fun first season of soccer for Avery. She got to play on the same team as her friend Aubrei from school and they both had so much fun playing together.

I took the kids over to my sister's house last week to meet their new cousin Addison! Avery was so excited and she held her a few times! She just kept rubbing her face up against Addison's and rubbing her soft hair. She'd say, "she's so cute" numerous times. It's the cutest thing ever to watch Avery with her baby cousin. She even covered her up when she thought she might be cold and said, "I think she needs her binkie" when Addison started to cry. Jackson was happy to see her, but didn't feel the need to hold her, ha. Such a difference between boys and girls. ;-)

A couple of weeks ago, Doc McStuffins and Hallie the Hippo were at Sky Zone near us. I knew Avery would love this so I decided to take her. She had a blast!

Last night we carved pumpkins and had a big fish fry at our house with my sister and her family, my aunt and uncle and my grandpa. It was such a fun night and I'll have to write a whole post about it, but in the meantime, I have to share this picture of Avery with her pumpkin that she and I carved. It's just too cute!

And now I'm just realizing that all of these pictures are of Avery. Jackson hasn't been super excited about taking pictures lately so I don't have many of him to share this week, but we did just get his Kindergarten School Picture back this week and it turned out pretty cute (except his hair wasn't fixed anymore by picture taking time that day). I just still can't believe he's in kindergarten and doing so well. We had parent/teacher conference with his teacher this week and she couldn't have been more proud and happy with how he's doing. He's come along way in just the first quarter and has learned so much and caught on so quick. It really is amazing. He's actually reading little books now and before school he didn't even know all of his letters! I'm just amazed and so proud of him. He loves to learn and that makes me so happy!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Boo at the Zoo

On Jackson's actual birthday, this past Friday, we decided to take him and Avery to Boo at the Zoo that night. We went a couple years ago and it was a lot of fun, so we decided to go again. Our neighbors came along and it was so much fun!

There were all kinds of cool lights and decorations and the kids all dressed up in their costumes. It was a really fun night! My pictures aren't great because it was dark and I just brought my iPhone along, but I still wanted to document our fun night.

I had to share this video so you could see Avery dancing in the bubbles. Too cute!

Jackson and Andy with the Ghostbusters!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Jackson's 6th Birthday Party

We had Jackson's 6th Birthday Party this past Saturday, Oct. 21st at Crestwood Park (which is just down the street from our house.) Aside from it being super windy and blowing the birthday banner down numerous times and everything from bowls of "nuts and bolts", table cloths, presents and even food/drinks off the tables, it was a great day and we had so much fun celebrating Jackson!

Jackson wanted a Cars 3 themed party, so that's what we went with! It was such a fun theme for decorating. We had the party at 2:00 in the afternoon so we just did snack food and cupcakes. We served "Hot Rod" Queso Dip and Chips, Mater's Dip Sticks (soft pretzel bites), Sally's Cozy Cones (Bugles) and Rust-Eze Tune-Up Lube (squeezable applesauce for the little kids). We also had Mack's Motor Oil (Grape Juice),  Flo's Fuel (Apple Juice) and Cruz's Coolant (Bottles of Water). For the table centerpieces we had filled bowls with an m&m and peanut mix and we called it Nuts and Bolts. Unfortunately the wind was too strong and kept blowing them over, spilling all the nuts and bolts onto the ground. So we ended up putting them in two heavier duty bowls up on the gift table.

Jackson and I made the cutest favors for his party. I saw it on Pinterest (where else?) and new it would be perfect. It was 2 cars (I got them from Dollar Tree 3/$1) in a little bag with a cute tag that read "I hope you had a wheelie great time at my party! -Jackson. We even made some for him to take to school for his birthday (since you can't bring a snack anymore). Those read, I'm wheelie glad we're friends! Thanks for celebrating my 6th birthday with me! -Jackson.

After eating and letting the kids play on the playground for a while, we sang happy birthday to the birthday boy and let him open his presents!

With all the wind, it was nearly impossible to light his candles, so he had to be quick in blowing them out. ;-)

It was such a fun party and everyone had a great time celebrating Jackson!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Happy 6th Birthday Jackson


How can it be that 6 wonderful years have passed so quickly!! I know I say it every year, but I'm always amazed at how quickly each year passes.

You are such a blessing in our family. You're hilarious, handsome and you have the best laugh I've ever heard.

You've grown a lot this last year! You lost your first (and second) tooth and you started Kindergarten! You are doing so well in school and it amazes me how much you love to learn. You are learning so much and I am so proud of you! You now know all your numbers and letters, you are learning site words and are even reading a few books on your own!

You absolutely love playing outside with the neighbors. You could literally play outside from sun up until sun down. You are such a sweet friend and everyone who meets you just loves you to pieces. You also love hanging out with your cousins and you even like to play with your sister most of the time. ;-)

You love playing with Cars and legos and love watching the movie Cars over and over and over again!

You love to play soccer and baseball and we just signed you up for basketball for this Winter. You absolutely love riding rides at amusement parks. The faster and more thrilling, the better. You ride roller coasters that go upside down and will try anything when it comes to a thrill. You have become a little dare devil and I love that about you! You started jumping in the pool over the Summer and going under water and you even started to learn how to swim. I'm thinking next Summer you will be swimming around like a little fish.

You learned how to fish with Papa this year and caught several fish over the Summer. It makes me so happy that you've learned to fish and really enjoy it. You love hanging out with Maw Maw and Papa and you also love going to Grandma's house for sleep-overs.

You're smart, sweet and sentitive too and you are my favorite little boy in the whole wide world. I am so proud to be your mommy! Happy 6th Birthday Jackson! I love you so much!!