Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Flu Strikes Again

Sorry I've been missing in action the last couple days. Unfortunately, the stomach flu claimed another person... Me. :-(

Late Monday morning my stomach started hurting and by later that afternoon I started feeling achy. I went home from work an hour early and I'm so glad I did. It all went downhill from there. It lasted 2 days and my fever got up to 104 Tuesday night! It was a little scary actually. But it finally broke early Wednesday morning and I stayed home from work Wednesday to recoup. I'm feeling much better today, still a little tired, but much better than I was feeling the last few days.

Now I'm just praying noone else I know gets it. Its made its rounds through several of my family members and friends. Its HORRIBLE and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

This winter has been one of the worst for me and sickness. I will be so happy when the warm weather is finally here to stay! I'm so sick of one day its 40 degrees and the next its 70 degrees.  Here's to hoping Spring is just around the corner.