Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Jackson's Pre-K Graduation

Jackson had his Pre-K Graduation yesterday and it was so cute!! The kids put on a little play for us and the teacher had put together the cutest slideshow of pictures and videos from the whole school year. It definitely had me in tears a few times (which they knew and is why they handed us each a tissue as we came into the classroom, ha!). Then the teacher read a beautiful poem about our kids growing up that had us all in tears again, even the teacher herself. They ended with a cute little ceremony. I can't believe Jackson will be going to Kindergarten next year!! Crazy!

Here are a few pictures from the graduation!

Jackson played a goat in the play, it was really cute.

When they handed out diplomas, the teacher read for each student how much they had grown during the school year and what they wanted to be when they grew up. Jackson had grown 1 inch and said that in the future he wanted to take care of animals. ♥

We are so proud of Jackson and all of his accomplishments this school year and we look forward to Kindergarten in the Fall!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Doc is in So Let the Party Begin!

We had Avery's 3rd birthday party at the park on Sunday, April 30th and it was so much fun. It rained all weekend so we were really nervous that having it at the park wouldn't be a possibility after-all, but it stopped raining just in time for the party and the sun even came out to help dry things out a little bit. :-)

Avery has been Doc McStuffins obsessed for quite some time now. Frozen is quickly becoming a new favorite though so I thought we better go with the Doc theme while we could because I have a feeling we'll be having a Frozen or Princess themed party next year. ;-)

I searched around on Pinterest for some cute invitation inspiration and ended up making this one using this png file from Etsy. 

Party Details:
We had grilled hamburgers and hot-dogs for food, along with chips and a pickle tray. We also had sweet tea and "Lambie's Pink Lemonade" to drink. I ordered the cupcakes from Walmart and they turned out really cute. Then we filled a cooler full of frozen popsicles which was a big hit with the kiddos.

As far as decorations go, I pretty much got everything at Walmart. They had a nice selection of Doc McStuffins party d├ęcor. I tried to keep it simple with it being at the park. My mother-in-law helped quite a bit in getting things ready. She got all of the serving bowls and trays from the Dollar Tree as well as the heart-shaped glass bowls for the centerpieces filled with Hershey Kisses. She also made the pink lemonade as well. I made little favors for each friend to take home but forgot to get a picture of them. :-( They were little snack size baggies filled with 2 band-aids and some Hershey Kisses. The tag said: "Band-Aids for your boo-boos and a few kisses too, Thanks for coming to my party, it was so good to see you!" I got Avery's cute Doc t-shirt from the Disney Store online, which unfortunately I don't see there anymore. :-(

We invited all of our close friends and family and I think everyone had a really great time. The playground was right next to the pavilion, which made it convenient for the kids to play. Avery was spoiled with so many cute toys and clothes.

Here are a few pictures from the party!

Singing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl!

She was so excited to open her presents and was so cute with each present. She "read" her cards and said they were to Avery Rose Smith. ;-) She'd open a present and say, "Oh my Gosh!". She was so excited about each gift.

I can't believe she's 3 already! Time flies when you're having fun and we are certainly having fun with our sweet Avery!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!
Today I'm linking up with Christina, April and Natasha for Five on Friday!
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My sister had an elective ultrasound last Friday night and found out that baby #4 is a GIRL!!! We are so excited. She has 3 adorable boys and was hoping this baby would be a girl. Needless to say everyone is beyond excited!

Last week, while going through some things in our garage to prepare for our neighborhood garage sale, I ran across my box of Barbies from when I was a little girl. I got them down and let Avery see them. When I opened the box and she saw all the dolls she said, "Oh my gosh!" It was so cute and she was so excited. So I let her bring a couple of them in to play with. :-) It was so cute listening to and watching her play with them. :-)

My mom got me this super cute initial bracelet from Alex and Ani for my birthday last month and I love it. Next I want to get an April birthstone bracelet and an October birthstone bracelet to represent each of my kiddos. :-)

Avery got several new Frozen dolls for her birthday and she loves them. The other night she had to have all of her new Frozen dollies in her bed with her. :-)

It has been raining here for days and days. We did have one nice day here on Tuesday, but otherwise it's been raining. Raining so much that we've had historical flooding. So much flooding that our schools have been closed since Wednesday, roads and highways have been shut down for days and homes and businesses have been flooded. People haven't been able to get to and from work, it's just been awful. We are supposed to have a nice weekend, so I'm happy about that and I'm hoping and praying that will help the flood waters to recede. Please keep everyone who has been affected by this flooding in your prayers.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Fun at Monkey Joe's

I was off work Monday and it was pretty chilly and misty outside, so I decided to take the kids to Monkey Joe's and they had a blast! We stayed there for almost 3 hours. Jackson made a couple little friends and both kids had a wonderful time. It wasn't crowded which made it nice and easy for me to keep an eye on the kiddos without having to follow them around. I hadn't taken the kids there since Avery was just a newborn, so it is something we might have to do more often now that we live so close to one. :-)

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Avery's Big Girl Room

For Avery's 3rd birthday, and as a prize for potty-training, we got her a "Big-Girl" bed. We decided to go the toddler bed route for now and then eventually transition her into a twin or full size bed in a couple years. We asked her what kind of bed she would like to have and she picked Frozen. So when I saw this Frozen Canopy Bed, I knew this would be perfect.

So on Thursday night, the night before her birthday, we surprised her with the bed along with new bedding to match and a new rug. It's all so cute and it seems as though she has a little more floor-space in her room now, which is great.

She has done absolutely amazing in her new bed. She loves it and has gone to bed easier now since we got it and has slept through the night every night we've had it. I was a little worried about the transition, but she's done great. I know it could still go downhill, but so far it's been great. She still calls for us if she needs something or when she wakes up in the morning, just like she did when she was in her crib. She's such a big girl and we're so proud of her.

Here are a few more pictures of her room as I re-organized it a little with the bed swap and replaced the prints in her 4 white frames with new Frozen themed prints. :-) Soon I'd like to replace the valance with curtains that match her bedding and replace the bunting above her bed with one that matches her new bedding. I will also be taking the rocking chair out as soon as I'm more sure that we won't be needing it anymore. Thankfully her walls are a color that matches the theme well enough to where we won't have to re-paint. :-)