Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Party Cookies

Hello everyone, I hope you're having a fantastic weekend. I've spent most of my Saturday cleaning, playing with my furbabies and foster furbabies and getting things ready for my MIL's Halloween party tonight. For the past couple years she's had a Halloween party for her grandkids and extended family. My husband Jake, always dresses up like the "Friendly Ghost" and they play games, win prizes and have dinner and snacks. Its just a really fun time. Yesterday I happened to run across these Nestle Toll House pre-cut orange pumpkin sugar cookies that you just put on a pan and bake. I thought they'd be great to take to the party and would be really easy and quick to make. They weren't as easy as I thought cause they ended up getting all stuck together in the package :-( But I was able to salvage some. With the remaining dough, I balled it all up, rolled it out with the rolling pin and then used a pumpkin cookie cutter I had to cut out some more pumpkin cookies. They turned out pretty cute. Here's a picture below. I'll post pictures of the party some time early next week. We also have our annual bonfire and harvest fest. at church tomorrow evening. Its always so fun with games, a hayride and a costume parade for the kids. I'll post pictures from that early next week as well. I'm definitely going to need to get busy scrapbooking these pictures soon. :-)