Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Jackson Lately

 Jackson is only a month away from being 3!! Where in the world has the time gone. He is SO much fun right now. I just love all the funny things he says and does and I love experiencing new things with him that he's never seen or done before. :-)

He is now fully potty-trained (except we still put a pull up on him at night)! I can't tell you how happy I am about that. It actually went much easier than I thought. We had tried while I was on maternity leave with Avery, and though he knew when he needed to go and knew what to do, he just didn't want to do it. He did not want to go on the potty, so we took that as a sign that he just wasn't quite ready. However, back on July 27th, I asked him if he wanted to wear underwear when he got out of the bath that night and he said yes and he's been doing well ever since with only a couple of accidents. :-) Going number 2 took a little longer for him to get comfortable with, but I think we can say without any doubt that he is officially potty trained!!!

Funny things he's said lately:
Magic House: "Monster House"
Octopus: "Papapus"
Medicine: "Mecidine"
Toys: "Koys"
1, 2, 3 Jump: "One, Two, Free Gump"

"My Big Strong" which means he's a big boy. I had him and Avery in my arms one night and said, "awe, my two babies" and Jackson says, "my not a baby, my big strong." Ha!

He's also started saying, "my had it first" which he's apparently heard from an older cousin or another kid at school. Ugh.

One night last week while I was giving him and Avery a bath, He said "I love you" for the first time on his own. He's said it back to us if we've said it to him, but he was playing in the bath that night and looked up from playing and said "Mommy, I love you" all on his own. And then my heart exploded!! Boy do I love hearing those 3 little words come out of his mouth. ♥

He is now obsessed with band-aids. If he gets any little boo boo, it has to have a kiss and a band-aid! We might need to buy a few more boxes of them so we have plenty on hand. Ha. I've told him he only needs a band-aid if it's bleeding, but he doesn't agree. Ha.

When we're in the car, he often asks where we're going and for example, if we're headed home he asks "where is it"? So no answer is good enough until we give him play by play directions. "Well we will make a left up here and then go a ways and make a right, then another left and then we'll be home." It cracks me up that that is the answer he's looking for. I will say, he does have a pretty good sense of direction and knows the exit off the highway to several places that we frequent. He also has told family/friends in the car with us where his doctor's office is and where his school is if we've passed them along the way. :-)

He still loves playing with cars, trucks, trains and pretty much anything with wheels. He has also started to like playing with dinosaurs and action figures. We heard him the other day playing with his cars. He was making the cars say hi to one another and have a conversation together. It was the cutest thing ever. His new favorite show is Peppa Pig and he has started to like Jake and the Neverland Pirates more lately. He also likes Ninja Turtles now and Sheriff Callie a lot as well.

There is a commercial on Disney Jr. that shows a little girl going to Disney World. It shows Cinderella's Castle at the Magic Kingdom and now Jackson constantly says he wants to go to the Castle! I literally can't wait to take him there as it's one of the happiest places on earth and I love it so much. So we are thinking that while we're in Phoenix in late Jan., we may take a little drive to Disneyland so he can see the castle. I really hope we can make it happen because he will be so excited! He usually asks at least once a day if we can go to the castle. Ha. :-)

He's wearing size 4T clothes and size 9 shoes. He's growing like a weed!

I think that just about catches you up with what Jackson's been up to lately. He's getting so big and growing up so much. He's such a sweet boy and we adore him to pieces!! ♥