Thursday, December 20, 2012

My "Little Elf"

This past Sunday was our Christmas Musical at church. Jackson played baby Jesus last year and this year he was a little elf. Ha! They dressed up in little elf costumes and were pushed by Santa Claus (my brother-in-law) in a Sleigh my Dad made. My Pastor's wife found these cute little elf costumes at Cracker Barrel for the little ones to wear! They were so cute! Here's a picture of my "Little Elf", and the other little elves in the play! They were too cute!

My nephew, Mason fell asleep right before the play started, so he didn't actually get to "perform"... but, how cute is this picture of my nephew asleep in his Daddy's arms?! ♥

After the play was over, I took some pictures of whoever wanted a picture with Santa, and in the midst of that we got this picture of all the elves in their Sleigh with Santa Claus! So cute!

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