Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Our Arizona/California Trip: Day 3 (Disneyland Park) Part 3

So after Toon Town, we rode a few more rides and stopped for lunch. In researching the park, I saw that there was a restaurant that made a Mickey Mouse pancake and I thought that would be perfect for Jackson. So we stopped by the River Belle Terrace and got that for Jackson for lunch. 

Ha. This picture cracks me up!

Along the way we spotted the Fairy God-Mother, and though Jackson wasn't interested, my MIL and I just had to get a quick picture with her. :-) When we met her, they just happened to be playing the song Bibbity Bobbity Boo too!! So cool. 

After getting Jackson fed, we searched for a place for us to eat. We ended up eating at the French Market Restaurant. It was very tasty. :-) After lunch, we rode a few more rides and then headed over to try and get a spot on Main Street for the 4:00 Parade. While Jake, my MIL and Jim sat and waited, I took Jackson up to the front gates to see if we could find Donald and Daisy. We still never found Donald, but we did find Daisy and got a picture with her. :-)

After that, I just walked Jackson around in his stroller because I knew he wouldn't like just sitting and waiting for the parade. While I was pushing him around in the stroller, he ended up falling asleep, which worked out well. He got about a 30 minute nap before the parade started. :-)

While we waited on Main Street for the parade to start, I got a picture of the castle. I was SO disappointed that it was under construction. That was another down fall to going in the off season. Oh well, that just means we'll have to go back again. ;-)

Then right before the parade started, we tried waking Jackson up. He was not eager to wake up and was kind of grumpy about it.

But, as soon as he heard Mickey Mouse start talking, he turned that frown upside down and immediately started smiling. It was the second best moment of the day for  me.

He was mesmerized!

The first float was Frozen!

Then Mickey and Friends!

I loved watching Jackson's reaction even more than watching the parade myself! It was so cool to see it through my sweet boy's eyes. ♥

The next float was Aladdin.

The Little Mermaid.

And then Donald Duck's float! Jackson was very happy to finally see Donald!

Next up was the Tangled float.

Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Belle and Cinderella were on this float as well. 

The the Lion King.

Princess and the Frog.

Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee and Tinker Bell.

And last was Mary Poppins!

After the parade, we rode several more rides. It was great because Jackson was tall enough and brave enough to ride all the rides! So we rode as many as we could fit into the day. He even rode Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain!

Once it started getting close to being time for the fireworks, we grabbed a Mickey Mouse Pretzel and watched the fireworks.

Jackson's not a huge fan of fireworks, so he held on to Daddy pretty tight and didn't really watch them. Lucky for him, they do a short show during the off season. Only 5 minutes long.

After the fireworks, we bought a few souvenirs and decided it was time to leave. Jackson actually fell asleep before we even left.

I just can't say enough of what a great day it was! I think I may have had the most fun out of any of us... even Jackson. I CANNOT wait to go back. We've already started planning our next Disney Vacation!