Friday, December 4, 2015

Friday Five

I'm linking up with April today for Five on Friday!

  I just can't believe it's already December! How did that happen so fast?

 Jake and I just found the show "Fixer Upper" on HG TV and we are addicted. We don't have cable right now while we're living in the condo, but they have the first season on Netflix and we are loving it. I'm sure it's because we are in the middle of our own fixer upper, but it's also relatable as a majority of the houses bought are between $100,000 and $300,000. Some are even bought for under $100,000. Chip and Joanna are just so cute too! Anyone else addicted to this show??

 We were able to get all of our Christmas shopping done for the kids on Thanksgiving day. Between shopping around online that morning and then finishing up with going to Walmart that evening at 6:00, we managed to get the kids completely done! I hope to write a post soon on what our kiddos will be getting this year. Stay tuned. :-)

Yesterday, I finally made my final decision on a light fixture for over our stairwell. I had been eyeing a similar light on Home Depot's website but it was out of stock, and had been for quite a while. I tried searching for it online at other stores with no luck. Finally I found a similar light fixture on that was a little more money, but not enough of a difference to keep me from pulling the trigger. Plus it was no tax and free shipping!! I just love it!!

We hope to see Santa in the next few days and hopefully go pick out our 2015 Smith Family Noble Fir. Time is limited these days, but we will hopefully be able to squeeze in a visit with Santa and pick out our tree soon!

Have a great weekend!!