Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Snow Day

This past Saturday, we woke up to unexpected snow!! It's really only snowed one other time this season and neither time was more than an inch or so, but it was enough to have some sledding fun with a bunch of our neighbors. The park that is just right around the corner from our house (it's within walking distance) has the perfect hill for sledding and its a favorite sledding spot for our whole neighborhood. I brought my camera along because this may be the last snow we get before Spring... you never know. I'm glad I did because I got a lot of really cute pictures of the kids sledding. By noon most of the snow was gone, so I'm glad we were able to take advantage of it while it was here.

Avery always requests we pull her back up the big hill so she doesn't have to walk. Ha. She's got it made.

Avery attempting to make a snow angel.

Avery and our next-door neighbor Thomas attempting to make a snow-man. 

There is a creek that runs along the bottom of the hill. It's actually the same creek that runs along our back-yard. It was looking ever so pretty with all the snow.

Avery next to the Snow-Man her and Thomas built. They did such a great job.

It was such a fun morning!