Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Jackson Lost His First and Second Tooth

Back in May, on his last day of Pre-K, Jackson lost his first tooth! It was after school while he was eating a Turkey Sandwich for lunch. It had been loose for a few months, but it had finally gotten lose enough to come out.

So we put his tooth in a little baggie and put it under his pillow.

The next morning Jackson woke up and the tooth fairy had left him $5.00! He was so excited.

Since then, the tooth right next to it has been loose and it finally got loose enough to fall out yesterday, again while eating a turkey sandwich at lunch. Ha. What are the odds? LOL. So now he's missing both bottom-center teeth and it's so darn cute. Although I feel like he's a little young to have lost 2 teeth already. I don't know how old they normally are, but 5 years old seems young to me. Nevertheless, he's getting SO big!! He'll have 2 missing teeth now when he starts Kindergarten in just a couple more weeks.