Friday, May 13, 2011

Its the weekend!!!

We have a pretty busy weekend planned.

Tonight we have bible study. This 7 week session is discussing the seven biggest objections and doubts about Christianity.... Tonight's discussion is "Christianity is a Straitjacket. I am on childcare duty tonight, so I won't be in there for the discussion, but it should be a good one. :-)

Tomorrow morning we have the exterminator coming out to our house to spray for bugs since Spring has arrived and that means BUGS!!  Yuck!!  We had them come out last year and it really helped. I don't recall seeing any bugs in the house after they were done. :-) Since we have a basement, and dogs, it just seems we see more bugs than I'd care to see.

I also have to go to the DMV tomorrow morning. I just have to drop off a form and pay a small fee to get my car registered in the state of MO. Something that should have been done 4 years ago when I moved to MO. Its a long story, but I've been given the run around about it since I moved here. I was even able to renew my plates 2 years ago without having this done and noone said anything about me needing to fill out this form. Now all of a sudden its an issue!! :-( Its such a headache. I really HATE the DMV.

Then Saturday afternoon/evening we are taking Jake's mom to dinner/lunch and a movie for Mother's Day. I believe we are going to try and see "Something Borrowed". :-)

Then Sunday we are going to church, then my family is going over to help my Papa go through some of my Grammy's things. I'm really not looking forward to it, but I know its something that has to be done.

Then after that I am going to my MIL's for dinner and the Season Finale of Survivor!! Can't wait to see who wins. :-)

So its going to be a busy weekend for us... how about you??