Monday, October 25, 2010

Harvest Fest at Church

Our annual Harvest Fest at church was last night. Its always such a fun time. Unfortunately it rained during part of it, but we still had fun. :-) Here are a few pictures...

The gigantic bonfire!

Food and games tents.

Clair dressed as Batgirl.

My nephew Landon (dressed as a "good" monster) and myself at the Harvest Fest.

Ruby, dressed as a cow. So cute!!

Cousins, Noah and Landon dressed in their costumes at the Harvest Fest.

My niece Sophia, dressed as Dorothy.

My nephew Larry, dressed up like Mario.

My nephew Brandon in his football uniform.

Brothers, Carter and Sam dressed in their costumes.

Carter with his sister Avery at the Harvest Fest.

My nephew Landon with his cousin Ruby. So cute! :-)

The hayride.

Halloween Party at my Mother-in-Law's House

My MIL's Halloween party was a success. The kids (and adults) had a great time. Here are some pictures...

Lots and lots of treats.

My niece Bella dressed as a cat and another of my nieces, Sophia dressed as Cinderella.

My niece Kyleigh dressed as a beat up soccer player.

My niece Alexis dressed as a beat up soccer player.

My nephew Larry dressed up like Mario from Super Mario Brothers.

My nephew Ethan dressed up like a pirate.

Some of the kids bobbing for apples.

My nephew Jack bobbing for apples. :-)

The friendly ghost. Its kinda hard to see him. But my husband dresses up as a friendly ghost every year and leaves clues for the kids, which eventually leads them to their treat bags. Its always so fun to see how the kids will react to him.

One of the clues the friendly ghost left us.

The boys playing together after the party.

My nieces Sophia, Bella and myself at the party.