Thursday, January 14, 2016

For the Love of Legos!

Jackson has a new found love for legos. Our pastor's wife at church got the kids a set to play with and every Sunday after service, they go straight to her office to play while we fellowship. It works out great! 

So for Christmas, Walmart was having a big sale on Black Friday on a large box of assorted legos that we decided to get Jackson for Christmas. I knew he would love them, but I don't think I realized just how much. 

He has not stop playing with them since Christmas morning. It's ALL. THE. TIME! From the time he gets up, until the time he goes to sleep... if he's home, he's playing with legos. They keep him very busy, which is great for me too!! I am looking forward to when we move and he can have his own room to play with them in, instead of our dining room table, but regardless I'm really happy with his new hobby!

He got a gift card to Toys R Us for Christmas so I took him there this past weekend and he got another set of legos. A "Cars" set. We also stopped by Walmart and got him a big tote with a lid that he can keep them all in. 

He's always so proud of all the things he can build with his legos and I'm really impressed with what he can build as well. I love seeing his imagination come to life. He can look at the pictures on the box and put that object together without any instructions!! 

Maybe he'll be an architect someday, or maybe it's just a lego phase, but nonetheless, he's having so much fun with his legos and I'm really happy with the developmental skills legos provide. We are loving legos at our house!!