Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winter, Winter Go AWAY!!!

We woke up to freezing cold temperatures and about an inch or so of snow this morning. By the end of the day we are expected to have 2-3 inches. Yuck!! Yesterday it was in the 50's and this past Friday it was in the 70's. On my way to work this morning it was 20 degrees and its supposed to get even colder as the day goes on. But thats St. Louis for you. The weather changes constantly. :-/

Even though there's only about an inch or so of snow, the roads are terrible!! After dropping Jackson off at my mom's this morning and making the trek down to the city, it ended up taking me an extra hour to get to work. However, I'm grateful I made it here safely and it does look kinda pretty from my nice warm office. I took a picture from my 24th floor office window so you all could see.

 Here's to hoping Spring is just around the corner. I really hate winter!!