Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Evening Scavenger Hunt with the Kiddos

One of my favorite bloggers, Sara from Running From the Law posted this scavenger hunt over a year ago on her blog. I thought it was such a fun idea so I saved it on Pinterest with intentions of trying it with Jackson last Summer but we never did get around to doing it. 

So Monday, I ran across it again and thought we would take time after dinner to try it out. I think we all had a lot of fun with it and found a majority of the items on the list. Avery got into it too, although she didn't fully understand the concept like Jackson did. What we could pick up and put in our bucket, we did. However, some of the items weren't things you could put in a bucket, so I tried to take pictures of those items. 

Here are a few pictures from our fun little hunt. 



Mailbox and Stop-Sign



Daisies were on the list, but we didn't see any actual daisies. So I took a picture of this pretty yellow flower we saw along our walk.

Ivy and light post.

This was a double because we needed to find a pink flower and an ant. ;-)





One of the items was a butterfly. We never did find one, but Avery happened to have one on her shirt! ;-)


The rest of the treasures we found!

We had so much fun with this and may try again another day to see what else we can find! We were able to find a majority of the items in our own yard.