Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Avery's Big Girl Room

For Avery's 3rd birthday, and as a prize for potty-training, we got her a "Big-Girl" bed. We decided to go the toddler bed route for now and then eventually transition her into a twin or full size bed in a couple years. We asked her what kind of bed she would like to have and she picked Frozen. So when I saw this Frozen Canopy Bed, I knew this would be perfect.

So on Thursday night, the night before her birthday, we surprised her with the bed along with new bedding to match and a new rug. It's all so cute and it seems as though she has a little more floor-space in her room now, which is great.

She has done absolutely amazing in her new bed. She loves it and has gone to bed easier now since we got it and has slept through the night every night we've had it. I was a little worried about the transition, but she's done great. I know it could still go downhill, but so far it's been great. She still calls for us if she needs something or when she wakes up in the morning, just like she did when she was in her crib. She's such a big girl and we're so proud of her.

Here are a few more pictures of her room as I re-organized it a little with the bed swap and replaced the prints in her 4 white frames with new Frozen themed prints. :-) Soon I'd like to replace the valance with curtains that match her bedding and replace the bunting above her bed with one that matches her new bedding. I will also be taking the rocking chair out as soon as I'm more sure that we won't be needing it anymore. Thankfully her walls are a color that matches the theme well enough to where we won't have to re-paint. :-)