Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall is in the Air!

On my way to work this morning the temperature was 57 degrees. Its really starting to feel like Fall here in the STL. I really love Summer. Its probably my favorite season and I'm always sad to see it go, but I'm looking forward to Fall this year with Jackson. 

I'm looking forward to taking him to the Pumpkin Farm,

and to Eckerts for Apple Picking.

I can't wait for Trick or Treating,

Carving Pumpkins,

 and My Mother-in-Law's Halloween Party. (Which she didn't have last year because we had Jackson so close to Halloween.)

Our Church Bonfire,

and one of my very favorite things about Fall is Pumpkin Pie Concretes from Doozles!

I'm also looking forward to Thanksgiving with family.

And yummy pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks!

What are you looking forward to this Fall??


Melanie @ 4Kottez said...

I agree. I can't wait. AND today is beautiful I am loving this weather. The only thing better would be a trip to Eckerts while sucking down a pumpkin spiced latte. Happy Fall.

Shannon said...

Great list! The only thing you're missing in my opinion is the wardrobe. I love fall's wardrobe. Big sweaters, boots and scarves! Heavenly!

Elle Noel said...

I have got to see what all the fuss is about over this pumpkin spice latte! Fall favorites- boots,tights, sweaters, and scarvess :)

Meredith @ eatdrinkrunandbemommy said...

I love running in the fall! The weather is PERFECT :) Also...I will eat anything with pumpkin but Pumpkin Muffins are my favorite and I love the weight watchers recipe with a box of spice cake, pumpkin and water (90 Calories and very yummy).

Stephanie said...

I am so excited for fall, too! It will be Rosen's first Halloween, and I can't wait to dress her up and take her trick or treating!