Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Year Ago today...

A year ago today I looked like this:

You can read about how I was feeling in my 39 Week post.

A year ago today I was so excited and nervous about having a new baby. I didn't know exactly what to expect and I knew my life was about change drastically. 

It drastically changed alright. It drastically changed for the better! 

Jackson will be one a week from today! Its so hard to believe its almost been a year... the best year of my life!


Holly said...

Look at that belly! It is hard to think that it's been one year. Jackson is lucky to have you as his mama!

Stephanie said...

The first year really does fly by, doesn't it?! I remember that nervous/excited feeling like it was yesterday. You never know until you experience motherhood just how amazing it is. Jackson is lucky to have you has his mama, indeed!

Shannon said...

Wow - did you have Jackson right on your due date?

Isn't it crazy how fast the first year flew by!!?