Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pinterest Mother's Day Project

I wanted to do something special for my Mom for Mother's Day from Jackson, so where else could I turn but Pinterest of course!

I had pinned several gift ideas for the Grandmas so I knew I probably had something pinned that I could make.

It was a toss up between these few pins.

I ended up getting my sister to help me and we made the second pin. Her oldest held a sign saying "WE", her youngest held a sign saying "LOVE" and then Jackson held a sign saying "MAW MAW". I think it turned out really cute and my Mom loved it, of course. :-)

I ended up buying a frame from Wal-Mart for $9.99, basically just like the one that was used in the picture above, and just added the three pictures. We just used white computer paper and a black marker. Landon did great, but it was a bit harder to do with the babies. As you can see in the pictures, Mason is trying to eat the paper, and this was one of the only pictures I got of Jackson where the paper isn't all crumbled up in his hands, Ha! 

But all in all this was a pretty easy (if you have older kids that is) little project and it turned out super cute!

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