Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pictures and a Video from my Phone

I don't really ever post the pictures I take with my phone, but I was scrolling through them and there were some pretty cute pictures on there. Of course, they're mostly of Jackson, ;-) So here goes...

Jackson blowing raspberries (his new fun thing he likes to do)

Jackson chillaxin on the couch watching t.v. 

Jackson and his cousin Mason at Maw Maw and Papa's house.

Jackson playing in his new exersaucer.

Jackson all bundled up in his puppy dog hat one cold morning.

He fell asleep in his swing. Too cute!

Love this bib.

Hunter and Max sharing the doggy bed.

My Papa Reg at his retirement lunch we threw for him at church.

Max hiding under the table cause he didn't want to go in his kennel. ☺

Here's a video of Jackson blowing raspberries from just last night. (I have some other videos of Jackson on YouTube. You can view them from my youtube link on the top, right hand side of my sidebar.)

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