Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Living Room Re-Do and Ideas

When we moved into our house, (almost 5 years ago) I didn't really do a whole lot with the living room. I just left it kind of a plain and simple, which was okay for a while. But now I am getting kind of bored with it and wanted a change.


Since I hadn't really done much with the room, and the colors were very neutral, I figured I kind of had a blank canvas to work with, which is nice. I wanted to add some color to it to brighten it up a bit. So I started searching around on Pinterest (where else?) to get some ideas. Our sectional came with some toss pillows that were brown and a deep red, so thats kinda what the color scheme had been in there. However, one of our dogs had chewed a couple of the corners of the pillows, so needless to say they needed to be recovered. I found some fabric I liked at Hobby Lobby (I had a gift card, ☺) and asked my sister if she wouldn't mind using the fabric to recover the pillows I had. Her being the sweet sister that she is, said sure and even made a cute table runner for my entry table with the remaining left-over fabric. I would still like to either buy or have my sister make a few more toss pillows bringing out the blue and green in the patterned fabric I already have.

A close-up of the new pillows.

A close-up of the table runner my sister made.

Table runner. This pictures shows pretty well the colors in the fabric.

The table runner on my entry table.

I also wanted to add a gallery of frames to our main wall in the living room that only had 2 frames and a wall sconce on it (very boring). After seeing several ideas on Pinterest, I took the plunge and organized my frames and what I wanted to put in them. Then I tried arranging them on the floor, which didn't really work too well, but got the ball rolling. I then tried measuring it all out and finally started hammering away. I'm super happy with my gallery wall! Now I'd like to spray paint a few of the frames to match some of the colors in my toss pillows. I just want to add some color and since all the frames are black right now, a couple cans of spray paint should do the trick to adding some color. I got the sign at Hobby Lobby for 50% off! Can't beat a bargain like that. :-)

The pictures on the wall from left to right are of our engagement, wedding pregnancy and family. The top two smaller frames are prints I found online, one of family and one of "You are my Sunshine" (the song we sing to Jackson to calm him down). The numbers on the far right are my birthday, Jake's birthday, our anniversary and Jackson's birthday.

Then I ordered some cross sconces from Partylite about 1 1/2 ago that I never hung up. I decided to hang them finally and really like the way they look over our chair. 

Then over the weekend I found this collage frame on sale at Michaels for half price, then they had a coupon where you got an additional 25% off. So I bought it since I had been wanting a collage frame for this wall. We used to have our engagement picture hanging on this wall, but since I used it for the gallery wall in the living room, I needed something else to go there. The collage frame is much larger than I guess I realized in the store. I'm not totally sure I love it here yet since its so big for this wall. But it is starting to grow on me. I filled it with pictures of our families (Parents, Grandparents, Brothers, Sisters and Nieces and Nephews and of course Jackson, ☺.

Now moving on to some ideas I've found to add to the room. The part of the wall between our t.v. and closet still needs something I feel like. I found this really cool sign on Pinterest and plan to order it, from the etsy store it originated from, in the near future.

Then I'd also like to add a few new touches to my entry table. I like picture frames sitting on it, but I'd like to add a few other things too (like a tray of some kind and some decorative vases and maybe a wooden "S") and probably get rid of the infinite reflections piece on top. I've just had it a while and am ready for something new. Here are a few entry tables I've found on Pinterest that I like.

I love the tray on this table. 

I like the little framed sign on this table.

I like the addition of a small lamp and I like the framed "S".

I like the letters and the & sitting on this table.

So thats my long post about how I'm changing (still in the process) some things around in our living room. Every once in a while I just need a change and I thought our living room would be a great place since we didn't have much going on in there anyways.


Ashlee said...

I love it all it looks great!

Holly said...

The new pillows and wall collage just make the room pop. I love your decorating style. :)

Unknown said...

For the picture collage you did on your wall, what sizes of frames did you use? I love how it looks, it flows really nice.