Thursday, September 16, 2010

Labor Day 2010

Sorry this is so late, but we've been out of town and have had a lot going on. Better late than never right. :-) On Labor Day this year, my parents, sister and family and Jake and I went to visit my Dad's side of the family at Rend Lake in Benton, IL. My Grandparents happened to be camping that weekend and so we all came out to have a picnic together at their camp site. Its very rare that we're altogether and we don't see that side of the family very often, so it was fun to see everyone. Here are just a few pictures from our day at Rend Lake! :-)

My Dad and Grandpa (my dad's dad) chilling out at the campsite.

Uncle Jake helping Landon on his Cars bike.

My nephew Landon playing baseball with our cousin Braden.

Getting lunch ready at the campsite.

My Grandpa grilling lunch over the campfire.

Family at the campsite.

My BIL Jason, my nephew Landon and my husband Jake with their hats on backwards.

Here they are again with their hats turned sideways. :-)

My cousin Braden.

My cousin Kinley.

The guys talking sports.  (From left to right) My BIL Jason, my husband Jake and my two cousins Brice and Wesley.

Landon with his walking stick that his dad made for him.

Beautiful Rend Lake!

All the "Stoffel" cousins and second cousins now. From left to right: the youngest of the 6 of us, Chesey, then Brandi holding her new baby girl Kinly, myself (the oldest of the 6 of us), then Wesley (Brandi's older brother) holding his son Braden, Brice and last my sister Ashlee holding her son Landon. :-) It was great to all be together. Hopefully the next picture we take has a few more little ones in it. ;-)

Jake and I.

My BIL Jason with the two little boys, watching the campfire.

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