Our Story

The Story of Us goes a little something like this...

Jake and I both grew up in the St. Louis, Missouri area. We met as kids at the church our families attended (and still attend to this day). We grew up together as friends, but during the summer of 2001, our friendship turned into something more and we started dating. We dated for quite a while until Jake finally proposed on November 23, 2006.

We got married ...

and bought our first home in 2007 and spent the first few years of our marriage working and making our first house a home.

Jake works in sales for a large packaging company in St. Louis and I work as a clerk for the Federal Courts in Downtown, St. Louis. In 2012 I started a small photography business called Storybook Photography and it's become a wonderful and rewarding side business for me that I love.

Then on October 20, 2011, our lives were forever changed for the better when we welcomed our sweet baby boy Jackson Thomas into the world.

2 1/2 years later, on April 28, 2014, we welcomed our second baby into the world. A sweet baby girl named Avery Rose. Our hearts were full and our family was complete.

Along with our human babies, we have 1 fur-baby as well. His name is Max and he is just like one of the family.

In 2015, we sold our first home and bought our second home... our forever home. :-) It is an old ranch style home with a finished, walk-out basement. It has undergone a lot of updates from when we first bought it, thanks to so much help from my dad. It was a major "fixer-upper" but it now feels like we've lived there forever and we are excited at all the possibilities it offers for our family.

Outside of working, having babies and buying homes, we love to travel as much as possible, we love spending weekends with our Family and Friends and we are also very involved in our church. We are so thankful for all that God has done for us and feel so blessed beyond measure at this wonderful life He's given us.

Thanks for stopping by, and please stay tuned as our story continues.

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