Thursday, June 5, 2014

Explore St. Louis: The Old Chain of Rocks Bridge

As I've mentioned in a previous post here, the city of St. Louis turned 250 years old this year and they have placed 250 cakes around the city and surrounding areas to commemorate the city's birthday. These cakes are at historic locations and cool places to visit and eat. Many people around the city are searching for these cakes and trying to find all 250 of them. Jackson, Jake and I are doing the same and are now up to 53! 

I say all of this to say that The Old Chain of Rocks Bridge is one of the 250 locations that has a cake. So a couple Sunday's ago, I decided to take Jackson, Avery and two of my nieces to walk across the bridge. 

The bridge is a mile long and was built in 1929. It was a significant landmark for traveler's driving Route 66. In 1967, the new Chain of Rocks Bridge was built just 2,000 feet upstream and the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge closed in 1968 and just sat there and deteriorated. It was originally going to be demolished, but in 1999, they decided to reopen it to the public as part of the Route 66 Bikeway.

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, so I took my camera along to get some cool pictures on the bridge. Here are some of my favorites. 

The city of St. Louis from the Bridge.

Avery was such a good sport on our 2 mile walk. She slept the whole way. :-)


Anonymous said...

neat pictures. I have lived here all my life and I have never been to that bridge.

Stephanie said...

What a cool challenge to find all 250 cakes! Love the bridge and the photos are all great!

Chrissy said...

I love the bridge. I love the 250 cakes. I always look forward to your pictures on instagram. And can I say that you look amazing after just having Avery!

Sara McCarty said...

Love this! I've lived here over 10 years and have never been there! Must add it to my list. Great photos!