Tuesday, April 15, 2014

37 Week Bumpdate

How Far Along: 37 Weeks + 1 day (2 more weeks to go!)
(You can check out my 37 week post from when I was pregnant with Jackson here.)

Size of Baby: (According to babycenter.com) 37 weeks: Your baby is about the size of a bunch of Swiss Chard. She measures roughly 19 inches from head to heel and weighs about 6 1/3 pounds.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I believe its still 29 pounds total.

 Maternity Clothes: Yes, all maternity clothes and growing out of some of them. :-( I am so ready to be back in normal clothes again.

Gender: Its a GIRL!! Our sweet Avery Rose.

Movement: Yes, she's moving around, but her movements are a little different now that she's taking up so much room.

Food Cravings: No real cravings this week, just really thirsty as I've been this entire pregnancy.

What I miss: Just being able to do normal things without feeling tired or out of breath. I also miss being able to wear my wedding rings, which I haven't been able to wear for quite some time now. :-(

Sleep: Not great. I'm having to get up several times a night to use the restroom and just can't seem to get comfortable sometimes. It's so hard to roll over in bed too. :-(

Symptoms: Feeling very tired, having a few Braxton Hicks contractions, some cramping here and there, heartburn and some minimal swelling in my legs, feet and hands. I'm also having an occasional sharp pain in my pelvis, which is not very fun and occasional sciatic nerve pain again. 

Best Moment this week: A much needed hair cut and color on Saturday and dinner out with  my family for my birthday. Jake and Jackson took me out to lunch on Sunday after church for my birthday which was also fun. :-)

What I am looking forward to: At this point, I'm just really ready to meet my sweet girl on (or before) April 28th!! :-)

* I had a Dr. appt. yesterday and am actually measuring about 2-3 weeks ahead now! Wow! I also found out I haven't progressed any more since last week, (still at 1 cm dilated) but ultimately that's not a big deal since I'm having a scheduled c-section anyways. I just kind of like to know what's going on in case I would go into labor early. :-)

**Hoping to get the last few things on our baby checklist done this week so we can enjoy the last week of being a family of 3 just relaxing as best we can. We just have to pack our bags (Avery is already packed), get my car cleaned and install the infant car seat base. I can't believe we are so close already!!

Comparison of me pregnant with Jackson and Avery at 37 weeks.


Shannon said...

You're getting so close! You look like you were carrying Jackson higher in those side by side pictures.

Sarah said...

I definitely think you were carrying Jackson higher and that's TOTALLY how I feel too. That whole myth about boys sit low and girls sit high is SO opposite of me. Drew was in my ribs and I feel like baby girl could fall out any second and I'm only 26 weeks!

Anonymous said...

ohh man 2 weeks!!! :) :) You are going to be a family of 4 so soon. That is so exciting.

Stephanie said...

You look great! So jealous that you only have 2 more weeks to go!

Jenny @ Creatively Blooming said...

Getting close! You look great!

Desiree Macke said...

Eeeeek! I can't believe you're already this far along!
You're looking great!