Tuesday, April 1, 2014

35 Week Bumpdate

How Far Along: 35 Weeks (4 more weeks to go!)
(You can check out my 35 week post from when I was pregnant with Jackson here.)

 Size of Baby: (According to babycenter.com) 35 weeks: Your baby is about the size of a honeydew melon. Your baby, now weighing in at 5 1/4 pounds and measuring more than 18 inches, doesn't have much room to maneuver in your belly.  

 Total Weight Gain/Loss: I had a Dr. appt. yesterday and had actually lost a pound since my last appt. 2 weeks ago!! Yay! So I'm up 28 pounds total at this point.

I also found out at this appointment that I haven't dilated at all, but that baby is head down! None of this is all that important since I'm having a scheduled c-section, but still fun to know whats going on, even if it isn't much. :-)

Maternity Clothes: Yes, all maternity clothes and growing out of some of them. :-( I am so ready to be back in normal clothes again.

Gender: Its a GIRL!! Our sweet Avery Rose.

Movement: Yes, she's moving around quite a bit. Her movements are quite strong and actually hurt a little sometimes.

Food Cravings: No real cravings this week, just really thirsty as I've been this entire pregnancy.

What I miss: Just being able to do normal things without feeling tired or out of breath. I also miss being able to wear my wedding rings, which I haven't been able to wear for quite some time now. :-(

Sleep: Not great. I'm having to get up several times a night to use the restroom and just can't seem to get comfortable sometimes. It's getting so hard to roll over in bed too. :-(

Symptoms: Feeling very tired, having a few Braxton Hicks contractions, heartburn and some swelling in my legs, feet and hands. I am happy to report that the pregnancy rash that I was complaining about last week, seems to be doing much better and is hardly itching anymore thanks to a few home remedies I found online. :-)

Best Moment this week: Getting Avery's nursery done for the most part (post to come soon) and getting a few Maternity photos taken (post to come soon on this as well).

What I am looking forward to: At this point, I'm just really ready to meet my sweet girl on (or before) April 28th!! :-)


Jessica @ Better Together and Forever said...

26 more days or even less!! I can't believe you are about to have Avery so soon! :)

Sarah said...

TWO WEEKS TIL FULL TERM!!!!! (PS - get your easter basket post ready now for the blog hop in case you go into labor!!)

Desiree Macke said...

I feel like your pregnancy is just going so fast!! Did you JUST announce you were expecting?!
Cannot wait to see all of the nursery. For the little sneak peeks you've been showing, I'm excited to see all of it!

Stephanie said...

How is your pregnancy going by so fast?!? Can't wait to see photos of that little princess!