Tuesday, October 29, 2013

13 Week Bump Date

How Far Along: 13 weeks yesterday.
 (You can check out my 13 week post from when I was pregnant with Jackson here.)

Size of baby: (According to babycenter.com) 13 weeks: Your baby is about the size of a peapod. Your little peapod is now almost 3 inches long from head to bottom and weighs nearly an ounce.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Around 4 lbs gained.

Maternity Clothes: More and more Maternity clothes these days.

Gender: We should be able to find out in about 5 weeks. Sometime in early December. I can't wait.

Movement: I think I've felt a few flutters here and there. Can't wait to feel it more often though.

Food Cravings: None yet. Just whatever sounds good at the time.

What I miss: Nothing really.

Sleep: Sleeping pretty well, other than having to get up once or twice to use the restroom.

Symptoms: The nauseous feeling seems to be subsiding, which is great. I am still having to make frequent trips to the restroom and I still have this bad taste in my mouth, which I can't get rid of unless I'm eating or chewing gum. It's really annoying!! I had it with Jackson too and I've had it all through this pregnancy as well. Hoping it goes away soon like it did when I was pregnant with Jackson.

Best Moment this week: Feeling a few tiny flutters and Jackson's 2nd Birthday Party this past Saturday!

What I am looking forward to: The second trimester and finding out the gender of this sweet little baby. I can't wait.


Ashlee said...

I can't wait either I'm so excited too! Glad the nausea is fading away.

Desiree Macke said...

Your bump is finally starting to poke out a little!
Thank goodness you're beginning to feel a bit better.

Stephanie said...

Aww yay for feeling some flutters! That's so exciting!