Monday, September 24, 2012

Planes, TRAINS and Automobiles! [An 11 Month Photo Shoot with Jackson]

A few weeks ago, I took some pictures for my sweet friend Holly (From Where We Can Live Like Jack and Sally) and her family. I met up with them on Main Street, in Old Town St. Charles, MO. 

On my way down there, I passed this cool old train station right along the Missouri river and thought to myself, I have to bring Jackson down here and take some fun pictures with the trains. So I had some free time yesterday evening, just as the sun was setting. 

As hard as it is to get decent pictures of a constantly moving 11 month old, I think I got some pretty cute ones. :-)


This picture kills me. He looks so sweet and innocent. ♥

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Shannon said...

great photos!

I just love seeing him standing and walking at such a young age. It's like he's too little to be doing it. (And he's been walking for months now!) It's TOO much!!

kkasun said...

Wow I love that innocent one too!!!!!

You did a great job!

Gina Kleinworth said...

Great location- these came out ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!

HickChickBritt said...

I love that picture too! Such a sweet expression on his face

Unknown said...

How sweet is he?! Love the outfit! Great pics!

Holly said...

I need to guilt trip you into another photo session. :)

I love Jackson. I think he is the cutest little boy... and my favorite one is the one where is tongue is curled. You did such a good job!

Beth at IAMRanch said...

So so cute. And what a great place for a shoot!! Awesome pictures.

Jill Wellington said...

You really got some great shots of your little guy! LOVE the ones with the red train...and glad it wasn't moving... :)

Stephanie said...

Such a cute setting for boy photos! Jackson looks adorable!

Ava said...

Oh my, what a cutie pie! With those blue eyes I bet he does no wrong! Great pics.


Jamie Kubeczka said...

These are so cute! Great job!

Betty Manousos said...

oh my!

what a cutie! what a sweet little face!
thanks so much for sharing.

wish you a great weekend!

EMily said...

That black and white is so cute! Isn't the hardest to get a clean shot...these little ones never stop moving!

likeschocolate said...

Sweet photos! Have a great weekend!

Breena said...

Your photo is being featured at this month's "Look Whoooo's Snapping" photo linky party over at Life as this Mommy knows It! Thanks for sharing!