Friday, September 28, 2012

Funny Foto Friday - Jackson!

Jackson's always making me laugh, doing something funny or making a funny face. So I thought this might be a fun post to show off a couple funny out-takes from our little train photo shoot last Sunday evening! Enjoy, and Happy Friday!

Jackson was having so much fun Sunday evening. I find that I get the best pictures if I just kinda let him do his own thing. So this is him, making lots of noise and having a great time. :-) I love that if you look closely, you can see all four of his bottom little teeth. ♥

And here he is waving his arms up and down and acting silly, like he normally does. ☺ I wish this picture was clearer, :-(

Have a great weekend!

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sarah k said...

cute! He looks so happy!

Thanks for your comment. Have a good weekend as well!

Stephanie said...

Aww I love these! Sometimes the outtakes are the ones that end up being my favorites when I take pics of Rosen. She does a lot of the waving arms too!

Lori said...

The picture is perfect for the theme, but I do understand what you mean.
Looks like a great place for photographs, love his shoes and outfit!

Thanks so much for sharing with Foto Friday,

Anonymous said...

This is so fun...your son and my only grandson is only one month apart. I love how animated he is...the waving of his arms...very adorable.
Laurie @ Pride in Photos

Holly said...

I love those photos of Jackson. He really is the happiest baby I know!

Gina Kleinworth said...

Oh I so adore this age- so sweet!