Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jackson is 20 Weeks Old!

I'm a little late posting this, but Jackson turned 20 weeks old this past Thursday. I can't believe its already been 20 weeks!

*I had to take Jackson back to the Dr. again yesterday. He's sounded real congested again and coughing some, so I just wanted to make sure he didn't have an ear infection or anything more serious than a cold. The dr. said his lungs sounded fine and his oxygen was good. She said his right ear looked red, so she put him back on amoxicillin again. He's not good at taking medicine, so thats always fun. Hopefully this is the last time we have to go to the dr. for a while.

*He weighed 17 lbs. 6 ozs. yesterday at the Dr. He gained 3 ozs. this last week.

*He's started trying to help mommy hold his bottle when he eats now. He's doing pretty good at it, but still needs help keeping it where it needs to be. He holds his hands right where they should go. It probably won't be long and he'll be able to do this on his own.

*He loves touching his feet. It seems thats all he wants to do now. He also loves being down on the floor on his play-mat.

*We've now tried carrots and sweet potatoes. He seems to like them both very well. This past Thursday evening when I gave him carrots, he got excited just seeing the spoon. Every time I would go to give him another bite he would kick his feet and get so excited! He loves his food!

*He's really enjoying this warm weather we're having. Since he was born in October, he hasn't really gotten to be outside at all, but we've had some warm weather lately, (80 degrees yesterday) and we're trying to take advantage of it. He had his first trip to the park yesterday while I was off, (a post on that soon) and he really enjoyed being outside. I'm really looking forward to more days like that.

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Holly said...

I love his big blue eyes. That is so funny about him getting excited just seeing the spoon. We get to start Olive on baby food at the end of this month; I'm so excited. :)

Happy Tuesday!