Thursday, December 22, 2011

2011 Christmas Decorations

I'm a little behind in posting my Christmas decorations this year, but I've been sick with a sinus infection and double ear infection for the past 2 weeks and am finally feeling better. I also started back to work this week, so its taken me a couple days to get back into the swing of things here, (another blog post on that later).

We got our tree 2 weeks ago and with being sick and taking care of the baby, it took me about a week to finish my decorating. I just did a little at a time. Here are some pictures of our house all decorated for Christmas.  :-)

Our 2011 Smith Family Noble Fir.

The Christmas Tree all decorated.

The living room all decorated for Christmas.

 A close-up of the coffee table in the living room.

A close-up of the entertainment center in the living room.

Entry table in the living room.

Our dining room table decorated for Christmas.

The bakers rack in the dining room/kitchen.

The stove, decorated for Christmas.

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