Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jackson's Nursery

Jackson's room is finally finished!!!

But first, the before:

This is what the room looked like when the previous owners lived there. They had a son and daughter and this was their son's room.

When we moved in, we didn't have any children. So we made the room our spare bedroom, which looked like this.

Now I'm so excited to have transformed this room into a sweet and fun nursery for our baby Jackson!

Jackson's crib and changing table.

Jackson's crib. The white blanket was a gift from my aunt Lisa and her 3 girls. Another of my aunt's has an embroidering machine, so she embroidered Jackson's name on it. It turned out super cute and is really soft!

Close up of his name. The letters were sold separately at Hobby Lobby and were already painted white. I just used mod podge, scrapbook paper, some ribbon and my cricut to decorate them.

Inside of the crib. 

A close up of his crib/changing table.

The quilt/comforter that came with his bedding set. 

I took this picture from the door of his room.

Glider and side table. 

Glider. The blanket hanging on the back of it was a gift my mom made for Jackson.

Close up of pom poms I made that hang over the glider.

Wall canvas' hanging over his dresser that match his bedding set.

Turtle night light, frame with his sonogram and one of our maternity pictures in it, my pregnancy album and his binky jar all sitting on top of his dresser. 

Clock I bought and decorated to match his room.

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Holly said...

I love that you put the quilt on the wall as decor. I always just hung it off the crib and then picked it up off the floor after nap time.

The room looks awesome... You need to post these pictures on pinterest.

You are *this* close... Keep your feet up and enjoy your last few days alone with Jake. :)