Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A few new pictures of my scrapbook area

Here are a few recent pictures of my scrapbook area in our basement. I am so excited because I was able to get a couple cabinets and a countertop to finish off my room. Now all thats left is to paint the back wall and decorate the walls a little and it will be finished. Its so nice to work in, I LOVE it!!

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Tami said...

Amy: Wocndrful book!! This is aroung about way to ask you for help. I'm very new on the cricut newsletter boards & I feel like I'm in outer space. I was wondering if you would be my buddy and help me. I just need to know what things mean and how to put pics. on of my work. If yes please e-mail me at scrapmom50@aol.com. Just put cricut friend in message. Thanks Tami