Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bye Bye Binkie

It's been just over a week since we officially said bye bye to Jackson's binkie and we are so proud of him for finally giving it up! I really thought this day would never come as he's grown SO attached to it, but it just kind of happened and we ran with it. 

Lately he has been biting all of his binkies and putting big holes in them, so we were literally down to 1 binkie that had 2 pretty big holes in it. (I'm assuming he bites them because he's still working on getting his 2 year molars.) We agreed that once this binkie was broke for good, we weren't buying anymore.

The Monday before I went back to work after being on Maternity Leave,  I thought it would be nice to do something fun with Jackson. So we met some friends up at the Magic House while my mom kept Avery. We spent the entire day there and didn't leave the Magic House until 4:30 that afternoon. So as soon as we got on the road to come home, Jackson was sound asleep. He always wants his binkie in the car, so as always, I gave it to him. When we got home, I got him out of the car not noticing that his binkie had fallen out of his mouth and into his car seat. He ended up staying asleep the rest of the night and didn't notice it was missing til the next morning. 

When he asked for it, I figured it was out in my car and went out there to check before I left for work. He had school that day, so I left it in the cup holder of his car-seat and told my mom that's where it was and he could have it after she picked him up from school later that day. (She was using my car that day to get the kids back and forth from Jackson's school.)

So after school he didn't even notice it was in his cup holder and he ended up going into her house without it. He did ask for it once while he was with my mom after school and she just jokingly told him he had left it at the Magic House the day before and he went on with what he was doing and didn't really question it too much. 

That evening we had church, so before I put him in the car, I hid the binkie in the diaper back so he wouldn't see it in the carseat.  He did fine on the drive to church but did ask for it again at church when he saw Mason with his. I just went along with the story that we had left it at the Magic House and he thankfully accepted that and went on with what he was doing. That evening after church, we got in the car and he ended up falling asleep on the way home not even asking for it, which is huge!

He went all night without it and has gone without it ever since. He asks for it periodically, but has accepted that he left it at the Magic House and has only cried for it once for just a short while!! 

I seriously cannot believe how easy this has been as I was DREADING giving it up. I just knew we would have meltdown after meltdown without it, but so far so good! I cannot thank my Mom enough for coming up with such a brilliant story. Who would have thought this would work? Certainly not me! I was just waiting to get myself psyched up to endure long nights of crying after saying bye bye to the binkie, but I am so relieved with how easy it has been!

 Now if we could just get him potty trained!


Unknown said...

We talked Grace into throwing hers into the trash can. She only asked for it twice and was happy with "you threw it away". I was surprised too how easy it was.

Renee said...

I was dreading giving up the paci for Leland too. He mostly only had it at night, but he NEEDED it at night. So one day he napped without it and I just went with it. He did ask for it a few times, but didn't seem upset when I told him it was gone. We swapped it for a sippy cup with water at bed time and he's been without it for a few months now. :) Paci free is the way to be!

Lisa said...

good for him! I thought we would have tantrums and meltdowns when we took Marissa's paci away at 18 months, but she did just fine too. I think parents have more anxiety over it than the kids do. I remember that day so well, she kept trying to talk to us with it in her mouth and we couldnt understant what she was saying and she refused to take it out.
so her daddy pulled it out of her mouth and throwing it away right in front of her! haha tough love!

Shannon said...

That's wonderful! I was actually dreading it for you too, because it was evident that he really loved it. What a big boy and I'm so happy the transition went well!

Stephanie said...

That's great that it want too difficult! Rosen never used a paci, but she is still very find of her thumb. I don't think she'll be giving that up anytime soon.

The Howard Bunch said...

Way to go Mama! I love when things are so much easier than we thought they'd be!!

Jessica @ Better Together and Forever said...

Great job Jackson for giving up the binkie!!! Thats awesome!

Desiree Macke said...

Way to go Jackson (and momma, and grandma)!
We're still working on the whole potty training bit, too. Eventually they'll use the bathroom, right?!