Tuesday, April 8, 2014

250 Cakes for 250 Years of St. Louis

This year is the 250th Anniversary of our city of St. Louis. In honor of the city turning 250 years, they have placed 250 4-Foot Fiberglass Cakes all around the St. Louis Metropolitan area at all kinds of Landmark Sites and Local Favorite Places. (Here's the list of all 250 cake locations.) I (and many other St. Louisisans) thought it would be fun to try and visit each cake site before the end of the year when they take them all down. I'm actually a little late to the party, but thought I'd try my best to see them all. 

Last night Jackson and I visited our first cake. It happens to be at a local church in our city of Florissant, so it was easy to stop at on our way home yesterday evening. Jackson thought this was pretty cool!! I'm hoping throughout this Spring and Summer we can get to several more, if not all of them. I'll be posting all of our pictures to Facebook and Instagram as we find more cakes, if you'd like to follow along. :-)

Our first cake encounter @ Old St. Ferdinand Shrine in Florissant, MO.


Shannon said...

I think this is such a neat idea, and who knows - it may be one of Jackson's first true memories!

Sarah said...

Reminds me of the time that Kansas City did all the cows all over the city!

Sara McCarty said...

Good luck! I love seeing all the different cakes pop up in my newsfeed. I think my friend Angie has seen over 150 of them now! And still so many more to go. They make me want real cake, though. :)

Desiree Macke said...

What a fun idea! Can't wait to see where the cake shows up on my IG feed. :)