Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Storybook Photography Photo Session - Baby Lily

Earlier this month, a friend of ours had a beautiful baby girl. She lives out of state, but came into town for a baby shower her Mom was giving her. As part of her shower gift, I offered to take a few photos of the baby after the shower was over. Baby Lily slept through almost he whole shower, but of course, decided to be awake and hungry when it came time to take her pictures. So my friend Holly fed her and tried to get her back to sleep, but we were losing daylight and had to take a few where she was awake. Regardless, I think we got a few good shots and I had lots of fun loving on sweet baby Lily.

I just love this sweet smile she gave us while she was sleeping. ♥


Stephanie said...

These are all so sweet! The one with the wings is my favorite. Good job!!

Shannon said...

I love the first and third ones!

Great job and good practice for your little lady!

Laurie @ Stylin Savanna said...

Wow. She is a beauty! And these are great pictures:)

Becky said...

These are awesome! Such a good job! Is that toe polish on her itty toes? Super cute

Ashley Brickner said...

These are beautiful, great job!!

Nadine said...

I love them all!
I wish I could take pictures like this! I bought myself a fancy camera a few years ago and I'm still learning how to use it! :)
Did you teach yourself or did you go to photography school?